The beam scale represents an accurate way of comparing relationships between masses. Beam scales also symbolize equality and justice. Calibration is the comparison of the performance of an unknown device to a known standard such as an N.I.S.T. supplied lamp or detector. Opto-Cal treats all customers with the same respect and service. Each customer is our most important. We realize our success is dependent upon providing the type and quality of service you expect and deserve.

Opto-Cal was founded with a commitment to provide service of the highest accuracy, quality and customer support. We have managed to develop an exemplary reputation for meeting these commitments while maintaining low prices and short turnaround times. The Senior Staff at Opto-Cal offer over 60 years of combined experience in the fields of optical calibration and measurements. We understand instrumentation to the component level and have extensive application experience.
Opto-Cal is a small company which permits a great deal of flexibility on issues like scheduling and services offered. Opto-Cal offers custom calibration services which often significantly improve measurement accuracy for a specific application. Large companies generally can't afford to perform custom services as they are not time or cost effective. Usually special fixturing, standards or procedures are required. We enjoy these challenges.

If you have an optical calibration or measurement requirement, custom or standard, give us a call. We will be glad to tell you about our standard services, make suggestions for a specific requirement, or discuss your ideas.